Joe Anglim

Joe Anglim was born in Chandler, AZ but now resides in Ogden, UT. You may recognize him from CBS Survivor seasons 30, 31 and the current season 38. 
“Since I was in the first grade, I was super creative and my imagination was and still is today as real and a vibrant as ever. I am a multimedia artist, not bound by medium or material or content. Drawing, painting, jewelry, sculpture, film, music, and co-collaboration with other creatives i love it all. I create workshops through a variety of methods incorporating movement, nature, meditation, breathing, visualization and healing art therapies. Art has been my life. It has taught me many many lessons about both myself and my relationship with the world and others. A universal craft treasured by every culture throughout the ages of history. It is what unites us all and heals us from our own hopelessness. I appreciate and love what art itself has taught me despite being frustrated with my own paralyzing fear of imperfection. It is through art that I am challenged in what I alike to call “analysis paralysis.” The time spent on overthinking and striving to perfect my creation. Art is this challenging beauty, a tool to create freedom and self reflection or fear. An expression of being. A time to create a space for your brain to imagine, visualize, conceptualize, experiment and create with its own divine abilities. This potential power is then tested through trial and error. These are concepts and skills that can then be applied to all areas of life. We all have a vision in our head. But will we ever reach perfection? We can strive for it but the real question is, why? Why create and what will its purpose be? It is what I love and why I will continue to learn, grow, fail, promote and support as I use as my tool to help heal the world. Art to heal. Art for a cause. Art not for the sake of art but with deeper purpose and intention centered around love and courage. Simply to create and live by the Golden Rule.”

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