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Dream Maker OURescue by Joe Anglim

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+Special Personalized Note From Joe
About the Work
One of the most important issues plaguing our society today that I feel has gone unacknowled from our global culture is the issues surrounding child trafficking and sex slavery. Slavery takes new forms and hides in many dark places to even  right in our very own neighborhoods. We are unfortunately simply too busy or blind to see how close it is and how could be/is impacting each and everyone of us. It is an incredibly harsh reality that most are afraid to discuss but I know if I was a victim in this situation, I would wish someone would have had the courage to face all of it to come save me. OURescue is an organization fearless in its mission to bring light to this darkness. 
“In the past four years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 1,765 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 888 traffickers around the world.” My hope is that the design may bring light and awareness to a topic of dark and terrible circumstances and issues many are facing today. Saving and rehabilitating our young people victimized as children must be our first and topmost priority. All it takes is one person to have courage and pursue a mission and that one spark can spread to a burning blaze in us all to act now and make a difference in places where all hope may seem lost.”
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Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist

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