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Elephant Baby Bubbles by Joe Anglim

Paper Type
+Special Personalized Note From Joe
About the Work
One of my favorite childhood movies growing up was the classic Disney VHS Dumbo. For some reason, the visual of a baby elephant getting drunk on beer with a small mouse and having hallucinations of carnival elephants really stuck with me. It was almost as if I was tripping out on psychedelics without ever having to take them. It was a time of simpler things, and yet as a kid I was able to conceptualize and understand this unique and simple visual space. An elephant that couldn’t talk but his body language, reactions and emotions made me feel sorry as a young boy for this poor elephant. Taken from his mother and turned into a clown for mockery and spectacle. Made fun of for his big ears and to everyone else they saw a flaw. I think this is how we all can feel sometimes especially when all the people around us may point and laugh and make fun but deep down we have an incredible gift. If we learn to accept ourselves for our flaws and embrace them, turn them into strengths, we can accomplish anything. Even an elephant can fly. 
Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist