Lion Chief by Joe Anglim

About the Work
We were all born for a specific purpose in this life. I have finally understood what it means to be a chief. The chief has to be vigilant, to share his or her knowledge while they are here in their temporary time. One must learn not only be a good follower, but also a good leader. It is not that some of us are meant to be Chiefs and other’s Indians. We simply must be more conscious of when to know the time to lead and when to put down ones own personal pride. It is an active choice of also having courage to take up the torch in this life for others when no one else will. We take on many different roles, but the one with the greatest amount of honor as well as burden and pressure, is the role of the chief. One must be fierce, constant, regal and concerned for all in the tribe.
Heavy lies the crown.  
Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist

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