Lion Mana Scroll by Joe Anglim

About the Work
The Italian Renaissance artists commssioned by the church in the 16-18 century were always the most interesting and impressive to me while earning my art degree at NAU. The attention to detail and massive scale of art during this time is absolutly shocking and amazes me. This was a time when art flourished and was incorporated into all daily aspects of life and culture found both in art, architecture sculpture and my personal favorite paintings. An appreciation for the arts, like never before, that would influence and change the course of religion, art and iconography and set a standard ahead of its time. I often use references and many motifs and imagery found in the Baroque style of Italian art. The 17th century produced some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve only seen in books and pictures but one day, I hope to be able to go and see it all in person. 
Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist

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