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Mana Warrior Chief by Joe Anglim

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+Special Personalized Note From Joe
About the Work
In visiting the island of Maui and after several very healing and spiritual experiences, I was able to find what many locals and others from both the Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures call mana. At the highest most point of the island is the Haleakala volcano which i was able to witness both sunrise and sunset in this truly magical and sacred slivers of heaven. The islands themselves are filled with this beautiful, positive, healing energy. It is in this mana, or life force, that both persons places or objects may possess this powerful and influential energy. As I understand it, this is a spiritual quality with both supernatural and sacred origins. Mana is believed to be a spiritual energy as well as a healing power. Similar to what many referred to as karma, Mana can be both gained and lost just as it is both external and internal. This for me then becomes a universal truth of a moment in time when we are moved to feel a sense of both peace, awe and wonder. A truly surreal and meditative state of being in, which i the observer, am thankful, respectful and venerating the love and treasure found in the moment of oneness of being present. 
Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist