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Peace Love Aloha by Joe Anglim

Paper Type
+Special Personalized Note From Joe
About the Work
From the time we took our first breaths, my three sisters and myself were taught two things. From our mother, we learned love and sign language. These were influential in my life in forming the man I am today. I feel the world has been oversaturated with stale slogans, sayings, catchphrases and hashtags. I feel as though one in particular that i love should be printed. It is one that I came up with while we were walking through Sedona, Arizona, as i came across a three figure drawing hands made of beautiful wood. Overwhelmed at the beauty of the hands, I arranged them in the first three hand gestures I could think of that spoke to me from beyond the creative side. Universal truths and universal symbols that I believe more people should use implement and share. It’s a simple recipe. My hope is that this becomes a way of life for many to simplify and guide them on their journey. 
Limited Edition Count: 100 of each size
Signed by Artist